Jade Forest is a multi-resource martial arts training facility. We offer core curriculums in the Praying Mantis and Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin) styles of Kung Fu as well as programs in traditional Yang Style Tai Chi and the rarer internal Liu Ho Ba Fa system. In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we also host renowned guest instructors on related martial and healing disciplines for workshop / seminar presentations.


Sifu Scott Jeffery wins Gold and silver medal in Zhengzhou China!

Jade Forest students participate in Boston Kung Fu tournament.
Five students from the Rockland school participated in the Boston Kung Fu Tournament on May 12th. The students collectively won a total of 8 medals including 3 Gold Medals.

Jade Forest Rockland plans of China Tour 2008.
Sifu Jeffery is planning the schools 5th annual China Kung-Fu training tour. Planned for June 2008, Sifu and interested students will once again be traveling to the motherland of Kung-fu. Training in Dengfeng, China with the monks of the Shaolin temple and then on to Beijing for some site seeing of some of the greatest historical sites in the world. This 2 week tour is always a great experience for everyone involved. See Sifu for more details